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We’re back again.

BUILDING DIGNITY EXHIBITION is Back! The Exhibition starts on Oct. 25, and run through Nov. 3.

The exhibition venue is expanded to Nagahama district, besides former Tokyo Rope Mfg. Kokura Plant office building in Takahama district. Nagahama and its main street, the Moji-Okan-Way is a part of the major highway network established in Edo era.

This year, we provide more event programs involving more active experience of the historic buildings and districts.

Participating Artists

Hyogen (2014)
ISHIGAKI, Takashi (2013-)
KAJITANI, Katsuhiko & Pouquet (2013)
KAJITANI, Katsuhiko & Keiji Kamei & Atsushi Sanada (2014)
OHNO, Kowske & Tsukasa NAKASHIMA (2013-)
SHIOI, Kazutaka (2013-)
SHINOMIYA, Yuji (2014)
SHIRAKAWA, Naoyuki (2013-)
USUI, Keitaro & Kenji OHNO (2013-)
WADA, Mitsuhito (2013-)
YAGI, Kentaro (2013-)

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Home Coming Day

It was like a home coming day for those who had worked at Tokyo Rope Plant.
We think it is very important not only saving the building itself, but the memories shared by the community.
We are very happy to see them get together.